Diagnosed in January

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Hello all 

Just need some positivity and hope . I had breast cancer in 2014 aged 39 treatment was a mastectomy , chemotherapy, radiotherapy followed by 10 years of Tamoxifen .  In August last year I started to bleed  lots thinking I was in my menopause. Fast forward after biopsies and scans . I’ve been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my womb and lower lymph nodes . 

Ive just started Palbociclib , zoladex injection and letrozole and mentally feel better that something is being done . They are thinking of giving me surgery which will be a full hysterectomy and lymph node removal soon ,as I’m still bleeding . I have a Pet scan today so praying it’s nowhere else . Im so grateful it’s somewhere that can be operated on . I was just wondering if anyone else’s lobular cancer has come back in the womb . 

Just need hope and how to live with this . At the moment it’s all a struggle as I’m still trying to process it all . 

Thank you for reading . 


  • Hiya

    I have loular with metastasis to my liver x I have read that lobular spreads differently though x I hope your Pet Scan is clear and that the treatment is tolerable and successful . I am due to have my lesion removed and start drug therapy in March x 

    Sending love and strength to you x I m told that things do settle down and that new therapies are allowing for many more years of survival so hold on to that x 

    Tomorrow is another day !

    Gill x 

  • Hi Gill 

    Thank you for reaching out . I hope you’re ok and your treatment and lesion removal goes well . 

    Thank you for  your positive words .Its just nice to know we aren’t alone .  I’m looking into other therapies that could help . 

    Sending you back love and strength . 

    Today is another day X