metastatic breast cancer in the sternum

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I am new to this forum. Three years ago I was diagnosed with metastatic breast in the sternum.  I am taking Letrosole which seems to be controlling it well.  I would be very interested to hear from anyone else who has had this particular diagnosis.

best wishes  Barbara 2513

  • Hi KYRENIA, i have secondary bone cancer and the sternum is one of the places i have it too.

  • I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in the sternum only a few days ago and have also to have further tests on a ‘suspicious area’ in my liver. The diagnosis was worse than I was expecting snd I’m feeling totally overwhelmed.

  • Hi Milliemoomoo

    Many thanks to you and Wino for replying to my introductory message.  I hope the results of further tests for you are better than your worries.  I have also been warned that my cancer could spread to my lungs , liver, or brain so I’m certainly not complacent because so far I am lucky.  None of us knows what’s round the corner.

    Very best wishes to you and Wino.

  • Sorry to hear that i hope its all ok x

  • Hi I’ve have bone mets in my sternum too along with it in my hip and spine just a little, mine is just in the bone and no organs, I’ve been having my first line of treatment now for 2 years so that’s phesgo injections and letrozole. Just got my scan results today of stable as I’ve been since chemo finished. I feel very lucky I’m still on my first line of treatment it’s working well with hardly any side effects my oncologist is over the moon with my situation and so I go to the next 3 month scan as positive as I feel now