Secondary spine cancer

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Hi, This is my first contact with the Macmillan community. My mum was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer 22 months ago, by this time it had spread throughout her body but most worryingly into her spine. Initially  she was treated with radiotherapy but after receiving the maximum amount she could it at best has slowed it down but it is now on the march! It is at the top of her spine and pushing her head to her chest and its quite distressing to see. She is 87 and struggling to understand what is happening her, and there are only o many times you can try to explain that cancer is to blame. We count ourselves lucky to still have her as we were told 3-6 months and that was nearly 2 years ago. I just don'tknow what to expect over the coming months and would like to hear from people who may have gone through something similar please.

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    I have just come across your post and am so sorry to find it unanswered. I have a different cancer so can't give you any information, however by me replying the post will be "bumped" back to the top of the forum and read by other Community members.

    Two other suggestions are - I know you are a member of the secondary bone cancer forum, have you posted the question there. You could also give our helpline a ring on 0808 808 00 00 (8am to 8pm 7 days) a ring to see if they can offer any help.

    I hope you find some answers.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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