39 year old daughter lobular with mets - terrified mum

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My 39 year old daughter had a lumpectomy in August for lobular breast cancer. The sentinel node was clear and the Oncotest score was 10, so no chemo. Had radiotherapy and now on Tamoxifen. 4 weeks ago started with pain in upper right abdoment which has spread to her back and now shoulder. A ct scan on Monday has revealed tmours on her liver, biopsy due on Monday. Complete and utter disbelief that it could have spread after no sentinel node involement. Even the hospital dont understand. However, she initially went to the hospital with a lump over 2 years ago and was casually tolds its 'looks' like normal breast tissue because wasnt a stand breast cancer lump and she was sent away, this year , pver a year later the same area had grown and hardened and now disgnosed with lobular. The original ultrasound scans have been lost so there is no way to make comparisions. We now feel that the original visit to the hospital was dismissed because it didnt fall into the classic breast cancer lump category. She is now 39 so was 37 when she went initially. Was something missed?? Where are the original scans?? can metastic cancer appear so soon after the lumpectomy in august and radiotherapy in September. It just does not make logical medical or scientific sense. She is a professional medic single mum with two children 9  and 11. 

Please please somebody help me make sense I am in despair.

  • Sorry to hear of your daughter’s dreadful news. Unfortunately cancer can also spread via the blood. I had a small primary cancer, no lymph nodes involved, and was found to be metastatic a few months later. The tumour had been excised with clear margins but had grown into a blood vessel.