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Hi Phonenix58. I would just like to introduce myself & tell you a little about me. I am currently 60 years old. Like many of you this journey has not been easy. In 2019 l was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive breast cancer. After the initial chemotherapy was unsuccessful, I was prescribed further chemotherapy & subsequently under went a mastectomy & radiotherapy. Lymph nodes were also removed as my cancer had spread to them.  All which had an a effect on my heart. Which lead to referral to cardiology. Fast forward 2022/2023. I'm still undergoing treatment but each blood test is showing extremely low blood counts. This has resulted in many scans & blood transfusions etc (we know the drill folks!). I'm now just over 5 stones, having started at 8 stones. I'm was noticing distinct deterioration & changes. So after all the tests l was recently informed l have secondary breast cancer in my bones. I don't know whether l was just trying to avoid the possibility, but l was completely shocked. Should have known something was up when a breast cancer nurse took me into my appt (that had been made as an emergency & remained). All of it is challenging, but one of the most challenging was how and when do l tell my 23 year daughter. She is an only child, so no sibling support. Eventually it was taken out of my hands. She had noted the intensity around hospital calls etc. Unfortunately although l could give her the facts it was worse than her fears.

I am wishing the best for all of us in the new year.

  • Hi Phoenix58, I am also in the secondary breast cancer group so a lot of what you wrote resonates with me. I am 65 and was first diagnosed back in 2004 with breast cancer. It came back in 2019 in my bones as secondary. I have been doing ok on my chemo until now and they are going to change it next month as my cancer is progressing and i need somethink stronger. All this treatment takes its toll i know. Week by week i can feel more issues coming on, the odd pain here and there. At the moment i have a trapped nerve so i am hobbling,sore ribs, sore spline,and an odd rash so i know the drill haha. Now i have been told i need a bone biopsy it just keeps coming. I said to my sister when i started this journry i had so many bravery stickers and i need to save some for further down the line but i am running out as they keep throwing things at me i am not expecting haha. I also have the same problem as you i also have an only child although he is 33 and older than your daughter. He has no sibling support and has parents we worry no matter how old they are. Wishing you all the best for the new year and may we both face our challenges head on 

  • Hi Wino, thank you so much for reaching out to me. After 15 years it must have been a complete shock! You still sound positive which is fantastic. But the reality is this is not an easy road to travel. That is why l am so grateful to speak to others that also are on the same journey. I know what you mean when you say they keep throwing things at you. I remember saying to my Consultant do you never have good news for me? I'm due a bone biopsy tomorrow, so they can ascertain the best treatment forward not looking forward to it. While they are working out a plan, they have been concentrating on pain control. Have you got good pain control medication? I think sometimes we just have to lay down the bravery stickers & lay down & have a good cry. I wish l could practice what l preach. Keep wanting to cry but can't. It's like l would lose the last control l have of my life. How is your son coping? How are you coping, do you have support? Wishing you all the best in the coming year.