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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2023. Sent for lots of scans that I didn’t really understand. One found a secondary on my liver- waiting to see what happens next.

im 48 with three beautiful children - youngest is only 12 ..

  • Hi Sarahtj,

    So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it's so difficult when you are waiting for results and treatment plan.

    I'm only recently diagnosed too (Aug 23) it's difficult to get your head round what's happening. I have days were I think 'I can do this' and other days were I just want to stay in bed and cry. Like you I have a young kid (5yrs) and it completely breaks my heart when I think I may not see him grow up.

    All we can is take one day at a time and trust the treatment will keep us going.

    Sending Hugs x

  • Hugs to you as well. 

    I know what you mean about good and bad days - sometimes I just cry for hours it feels surreal.

    but I have a family so will keep going Blush