New diagnosis of HER2+ BC and secondary bone

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Hello everyone,

on 21st august I was disgnaosed with BC provisional stage one but more steers were needed as they had found raised nodes in chest and clavicle and a mass in my spine. On Friday 15th September I had my full diagnosis of stage 4 grade 3 BC which has gone to my T1,T2 and L1 spine. I also have lesions on my pelvis and a shadow on my ovary. They have told me I will start bone strengtheners and chemo be and hormone therapy to treat the cancer. This will be 2-4 weeks which is insane! I want to start now before this spreads more. I feel constantly anxcious, trouble eating. Feel sick I am so scared, worried, stressed. I have a great support network around me but no one knows what I’m feeling. How I feel the lump growing in my chest each day. The fear I have of dying. Everyone keeps telling me how strong and brave I am. And I just feel alone and scared. I don’t know why I’m posting here. I feel like I’ve been given a death sentence when in reality I know if we can get this cancer under control I could have many years. I just don’t know how to process the last month. I also can’t quite believe how it’s gone from you have BC to this stage. 

  • Aww bless you love, I was diagnosed with stage 4 secondary ready cancer in October 22 which had spread to lymph nodes and spine. I had to wait 4 weeks to start treatment which I had 18 weeks of chemotherapy and now on a targeted therapy called phesgo which I have every 3 weeks. My cancer is stable and I’m scanned every 3 months. I’ve been told to treat it like a chronic illness rather than a death sentence. The treatments available now are amazing so stay positive and I’m sure once your treatment plan is in place you will feel much better. Take care and massive hugs to you xxxxx

  • Sorry that’s meant to say breast not ready lol xxxx

  • Thank you so much for the reply. I just feel such a loss and need to work through these feeling to get to the positive. It’s so hard and I feel like you have little interaction with the support teams. Hope your treatment is going well and you’re not in too much pain. Xx 

    thanks for the advice too. 

  • It’s so hard at first but eventually you learn to live with it. I spoke to a lady at my hospital who’s 12 yrs on same treatment and living a normal active life. You just have to get used to the new normal and stay positive, it’s easier said than done at first. I would t even get out of bed when I was first diagnosed and wasn’t even taking my kids to school because I felt like I needed to spend every minute of everyday with them. You wouldn’t even think I’d got cancer now. My hairs growing back and I feel great xxx