Relapse after 18 years now MPE

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Hi all

Nice to meet you. its been a while, I’m now 53. I’ve been trying to forget about cancer for the past 18 years.  Then I got a cough and chest infection which the docs gave me asthma meds for 6 months, now after various tests via respiratory dept, I’ve been told the pleural effusion sample taken is cancer from the original Breast cancer now sitting very neatly in my pleural wall.

is anyone else in a similar situation who can let me know how it’s going?

been told no chemo but hormone and immunotherapy to keep it stable.  Looks like I’m in a wee bit of trouble ;( prognosis not looking good 

thanks all

  • Hello, I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, surgery and chemo. Returned again in 2013 just in lymph nodes and only 1 was cancerous but all were removed!. Then in 2019 had a dreadful cough for months and feeling pretty rubbish I was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer! After biolpsy it was confirmed it was the breast cancer from 2002!! I went straight onto  weekly chemo for 12 weeks and then went onto hormone treatments, suddenly my tumour’s reduced and I had no side effects and felt great. Unfortunately I started this treatment just as the first lockdown happened and I had to shield for 6 months!!! 3 years I’ve been doing great. I’ve recently had lots of different scans and suddenly the treatment has stopped working so I’m back on chemo but I’m doing my best to keep positive. Take care and good luck going forward xx

  • thanks for sharing your experience 

    i was diagnosed straight to secondary cancer in the bones in September 2021 i have. ow gained some acceptance and do my best to live everyday and not allow the negative thoughts to consume me 

    good luck on your journey x

  • Thanks for responding, so sorry to

    hear about you needing more chemo.  At the same time it’s really positive that you’ve been good also for a number of years so hopefully you will have chemo and more positive years.

    how’s the breathing? Mine is awful. Doc gave me oxygen for home and morphine for breathing so hope this helps too.

    Take care of yourself x

  • Hello my breathing is absolutely fine and has been since on treatment xx

  • Sorry to hear you’re struggling with breathing. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon take care Karen xx