Just got the diagnosis

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I had breast cancer back in2019, (T2N0 ductal Carcinoma) everything seemed to be fine after, but in the last year I started feeling tired and run down, passed it off as age and being a single mum to a 5yr old.

Yesterday I got the worst call, the cancer has spread to my spine, and most likely my lungs. I don't know anything more about it or the treatment as I won't have an appointment until next week.

I am feeling very scared and lost. And. I am so worried about the future for my kiddo.

Reaching out as I don't know what else to do. 

  • Hi There 

    i was diagnosed straight to secondary cancer breast which spear to the bones i was in total shock for a few months and under going the chemotherapy was scary but i done lots of reading and listened to lots of positive podcast i also read a book called Glitter my turd by a lady who is living with second cancer and has been for 15 years i have to listen to the people who are living and not just surviving if that makes sense i would say allow yourself to grief it is hard to get your head around and having a little one that’s hard my sons 24 but i also found it hard thinking of what will happen to him but we all don’t know what tonorrow will bring i found thinking like that didn’t help me although it is normal but i had to learn to not allow them feelings to take up my whole head space take care x  

  • Thank you Lightlove,

    Yeah I would say shock is the stage I'm at and feeling in Limbo.  I had seen the book Glittering My Turd on another thread so have just placed an order.

    Seeing some of the stories on this group has helped me this morning, I'm trying to take each at a time and stay positive. (A 5yr old really helps with that).

    Sending hugs x

  • Hello

    I just saw your message and wanted to say hi.

    I have also recently been diagnosed with mets breast cancer in my spine. I have two kids. 

    I had primary breast cancer in 2015.

    I haven't started treatment yet, but it will be hormonal. 

    Just want to let you know that you aren't alone. 


    1. X

  • Hi ArtyAlex,

    Thanks for saying hi. 

    Seeing the positive stories and the the community support has really helped me through the last week.

    I've tried to put it out of my mind as much as possible, until I get to speak with somebody, very much in limbo.

    Sending hugs xxx

  • I have always found being in limbo the most difficult part.

    I hate false hope, so when I got this diagnosis there was a kind of relief. Now we can move forward, even though it's very bad news.

    I always knew that the mets would get me in the end, so there was no shock.

    I hope that you can get better news than expected, as soon as possible. X

  • So sorry to hear about the dreadful news, I’m 10 months in from being diagnosed with Metastic cancer spread to my bones and I have been given letrozole ribociclib drugs and get a quarterly ct scan. I’m doing well lesions are disappearing and cancer markers have halved in 6 months. The hardest part before it was official was going through ct, pet, mri scans and many mammograms till the bombshell was dropped on me.

    Its a terrifying scary place to be in and I send you a big hug ..hoping the scan outcome is the best it can be for you…this forum is lovely for checking in and getting support especially now.

    we are here for you

    take care of you and kiddo