parent with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer

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My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2023 and we recently discovered last week that it has spread to her pelvic bone and there is currently an unidentified mass showing on her skull requiring further investigation.

She lives in Spain so has 3 weekly IV chemo there but is having  her treatment changed soon due to the above discoveries.

We are incredibly close and I already found the distance hard. At a time like this it feels even further so I am trying to expand my knowledge, find ways to support her and also mentally prepare for what to expect going forward.

If anyone is happy to share their experience, treatment and how they are doing now I would really appreciate and value hearing your stories. I just want to make sure I am supporting both her and my dad as much as I can.

Thank you 

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    I'm sorry to read of your mum's diagnosis. It must be hard with the distance between you. I am guessing that you feel like you want to do something but feel hampered by the fact that she lives in Spain. I have not had the same type of cancer but by responding to your post it will place it back at the top where it may be seen by more members of the secondary breast cancer group.

    You are very welcome to read my story if you'd like. Just click on my username. I am currently stable after treatment and have been for the past 10 months. I admit, I didn't expect it to be this way, I thought it would come straight back. I don't get complacent though as I have been told that it will come back. I try to make the most of life as this may be my only well period. My life is very different now to how it was, there are things I can't do and I feel like a different person. 

    Well done on joining the community to find out more about cancer and it effects on people's lives. The blogs on this site are very good, this is a link  Finding comfort in Community: Catching up with our Emotional support forum 

    There are also lots of different types of groups to join. If you are interested in people's stories, can I suggest a book I read not long ago. It is Radical Remissions by Kelly A Turner. The stories are rare but it was interesting and gave me hope when I didn't have any. Best wishes to you and your family, I'm sure you will be a big support to your mum.

    A x

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