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Hi, not sure what to write really as never thought I would be faced with having to deal with a cancer diagnosis….but a week ago I was told a CT showed bone mets, which was just a couple of weeks after I’d had surgery for breast cancer.  I feel like the bottom has fallen out of my world.

Feeling a bit lost and not sure how to pick myself up 

  • Hi Donna, 

    I have no words other than air hugs and love.

    I had my appendix removed in April they found liver lesions, a lot of messing and then in may I had pet scan which showed I have breast cancer for the second time which had in turn spread to my liver.

    Today I was told about chemo treatment and blah it’s all a fog and 5 year survival rate.

    I want the ground to open up I can’t stop crying I have kids.

    I know how you feel with your world being turned upside down. 
    let’s hope we can support each other through this.

    I do believe in positive thoughts and have a bad day today and let’s brush ourselves off and deal with this shit xxxxx

    sending love x 

  • Hi Donna 

    I can totally relate to how you are feeling i was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2021 and 2 weeks later was told it had spread to my bones which really knocked me for my mental health took a turn and o could not step crying i am happy to say i am now getting some acceptance and am choosing to live i can’t live if i keep crying so the tears have gotten less and i am learning to make the most of my life to be honest there are a lot of possitive stories that i have read a really good book is Glitter my turd she’s been living with breast and secondary cancer for 15 years her book helped me a lot i need to hear the positive stories i could jot help but goggle everything and it really does me no favours the information is so out of date i really do hope u get your head around the diagnosis and learn to live x

  • Thank you for sharing your story, I’m trying to take comfort in the small things…it’s good to know the crying is par for the course and hopefully it will stop.  I’ve stepped away from google, just need to absorb the positivity to get me through.

    Take care xx

  • I have no words, so sorry to hear your news….love and support coming your way x