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I’m her2 triple and on treatment since 2020 . Only recently have figured out which group I belong to ad my neck metastasis not common. U usually think metastasis is liver bone or brain but mine went to neck so on tdm1 till it stops working etc . Just want to say hi and I’m just turned 51 with 3 adult kids and  a 12 yr old and 9 ur old . I try stay active I’m small anyway lol but I’ve inflammatory arthritis so that’s a big bear and can be worse to deal with . I was diagnosed stage 3c in 2020 and went thru everything they could throw but went to neck again after three herceptin so quickly changed to tdm1 have just fin infusion 24 ! I still can’t believe I’m on this forever as they say and life has changed but I push hard for kids … I had to chase cat out of tree tonight to get her in she a house cat and my eldest daughter on her knees laughing . She said Ud swear I was talking to a teenager lol anyway hope everyone finding some reason to laugh this week xx

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    I just wanted to pop on and say that you seem to have a great attitude and sense of humour!

    Another group that you might like to join is the living with incurable cancer group as they have some great chats over there about everything under the sun! If this appeals to you then clicking on the link I've created will take you there. You do have to be 'approved' to join the group, which is to make sure that only people with an incurable diagnosis can post there.


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