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Hi everyone, a week ago I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and have mets in my brain….I need to have a full CT scan to check my entire body but I just am not able to do that yet…I am so, so scared and sad. I was diagnosed a year ago, had chemo, rads and a mastectomy and was continuing on Phesgo but all was looking really positive, then I started to get headaches and that was it…I have two very young children and am just utterly devastated and lost. I don’t know what to do, how to act, I don’t know anything anymore….I am going for CT planning tomorrow for whole brain RT and will then start on Enhertu. 
Any words of hope, advice, guidance would be so much appreciated. Thank you xx

  • Hi Aly, I’m so sorry to hear this, and can understand how devastated you are. I don’t have your diagnosis but have three friends who have. They have had treatment some RT and have been stable for years. One of them now has no active cancer in her whole body and she’s got it in lots of places. Try to get as much support as possible from friends and family., let them wrap you in love and look after you and kids until you are ready to face up to it all. 
    Sending love and hugs 

    Jac x

    1. Hi Jac, thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply, I really appreciate it, and to hear stories of hope….I’m desperately trying to cling onto anything which will bring me a bit of peace. My friends and family are being brilliant, but I have two very young boys and it’s so painful, I don’t want to leave them…but, got to keep positive that I will have a good few years with them yet. Thanks again, you’re very kind xxx