Her2 positive secondary breast cancer

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I’ve got my last chemo treatment tomorrow but will carry on with phesgo I’ve got a tiny met on spine and some positive lymph node involvement. Half way scan was positive and everything shrinking. Has anyone got any positive phesgo stories please. I’m so worried about chemotherapy ending. 

  • Hi. I have only just joined this group.  I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2013, spread to sternum,  lungs and liver.  I had 8 sessions of chemo which shrunk all the tumours down  and then went onto 3 weekly herceptin and pertuzumab.  This changed last year to the Phesgo injection.  I have had no issues at all with the injection and it's nice to only be at the hospital for a short period . I can only say I have been living with this for 10 years now and am grateful the meds work so well. I hope your experience is as good. Hope it helps.

  • Thank you for your message this has really given me hope I’ve got my last chemo today and then will carry on with the phesgo mine has spread to lymph nodes and a small mets to spine. Had a really good half way scan. Good luck and lots of love on your cancer journey xxx

  • Good luck to you too. These new drugs really are amazing.  I've seen both my children get married in the last 4 years and now have 2 grandchildren which I never thought I'd see 10 years ago!  I try to always stay positive and really do think of myself as living with cancer not dying from cancer.   Very best wishes.

  • I’m on phesgo only after finishing chemo last year in July and so far so good for me it’s doing it’s job and I’m going from strength to strength 3 monthly scans and fingers crossed the next one is as good as all the others have been 

  • That’s amazing news I’m so glad your doing well please keep in touch xxxx