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Hi everyone. 

I was in this group 6 years ago when I was newly diagnosed straight to secondary breast cancer with liver mets. I wanted to reconnect as I feel quite low at the moment mentally. 
it’s lovely to see some of the original peoples names on here still like Londonlass and I hope that gives people who are more newly diagnosed hope. 
I’ve lucky to have been on the same treatment for the last 6 years with no side effects (apart from the original docetaxel) but feel like the longer you are on this journey, the more you feel like other people in your life don’t get the mental struggle that you face. 

  • I was diagnosed back in October with secondary breast cancer. I finish my chemotherapy on Friday and will continue on phesgo I’m really down right now and so frightened. 

  • Hi I've just seen your thread can I ask what your secondary cancer is? Mine is bone. I know how hard it is I have a Daughter 12 and everyday I hide my pain from her I just want to enjoy every moment of life but it makes me so angry still and say why me and pretend to be OK and strong all the time but really I'm so scared I'm possibly facing a rib resection and I'm really worried to be honest so you're definitely not alone anyway take care Julie 

  • Hi There 

    mot does take its toll and it’s a lot to go through 

    i have secondary cancer to the bones so i have had to carry on with treatment but i am very grateful to still be alive 

    it’s a funny one reqlly some days are definitely better than others i am very lucky to have good support 

    Most days i can find some joy in that i am alive and other days i have no energy and i can be really hard on myself 

    i do still live i get up everyday despite not having energy so i guess we just have to take 1 day at a time 

    good luck on your journey x

  • Yes thanks for the message I understand perfectly last 2 days I've been like a sloth! I can hardly walk then il have a spurt of energy! I'm still getting over radio tho at the moment but I'm like this most days as it is. 

  • Hi there 

    I have secondary to the bones i have injections every 3 weeks and the a bone infusion every 3 months 

    i have not yet had to have any surgery for my bones i did recently have a musectamy around 5 months ago i feel i have healed quite well from that 

    everyday is different it’s getting use to a new normal this months been hard for me as i have had little energy which because i was so active before really gets to me but i am learning to try and accept and just do what i can it’s a process i am trying to not allow my inner critic to put me down lol Joy 

    i do wish you luck on your journey x

  • Thank you for your message. How long have you been living with cancer if you don’t mind me asking and good luck to you too Heart

  • Hi I was diagnosed with Breast cancer node positive and Mets to my Rib Feb 2022 I'm 49 have 2 children Son 28 as well as my Daughter I had pulmonary embollisms so I had to delay my treatment till June last year had mastectomy then EC and docetaxel on Anastrazole and Zoladex and  chemo finished that Jan and just finished Radiotherapy last week Im now waiting to see my oncologist  to start Zoledronic Acid and possibly operation on mu rib not sure about that yet till I see her still haven't had bone scan results or my appointment come thru so I'm worried myself incase it's Spread but I think she would have been in touch sooner? 

  • My secondary is lymph nodes and small mets to spine xxx

  • Hi 

    i was diagnosed in September 2021 so not that long