Hello, first post ahead of continuing diagnostics

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hello I hope it’s ok to post this, I put it into Breast cancer forum a few days ago and got no response- which I understand… the last thing you want early in your breast cancer story is a potential bad news item like mine.

this is what I said

II’m high risk for recurrence but was hoping it wouldn’t happen so soon. Dr was meant to call me today with results and I’m kicking myself as this was originally booked as a clinic appointment but I asked for telephone. What happened was that BCN (not mine who is off sick but another one) called me and I sensed trouble right away as she said was I expecting to have a biopsy [no but I guessed that I was now] Anyway I have architectural distortion 8cm behind nipple on my remaining breast -  internet tells me this is third most common presentation of BC. And now need to have tomosynthesis- which internet suggests is a good tool. I’m absolutely beside myself as last year I pointed out I had a floppy nipple and suggested something was pulling it. They took me absolutely seriously but ultimately couldn’t biopsy as MRI and all other imaging looked “pristine”. Sigh as that is what happened kind of 2020-2021 [primary diagnosis] Anyway at least I know how the system works 

I am thinking [not in my original post] in no particular order

Can something so far back be biopsied?

If it’s so far back where the AF else has it gone already?

Is is secondary or primary? 

why am I surprised as I have been calling attention to this breast for a year - albeit I have been taken very seriously?

And obviously I am scared as hell 

thank you 


  • Hello Fran.  I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time and that you got no response to your previous post.  It might be that other people just didn't see it.  I wouldn't normally see this but it came up in recent posts.  I'm having treatment for a recurrent breast cancer, (same breast) so it isn't quite the same situation but I can certainly sympathise.  I don't know why you weren't offered a biopsy this time but the tomosynthesis does sound a safer alternative to CT given you've had so much of that kind of thing already. At least you're being looked at now, and if you're in any doubt remember you have the right to ask for a second opinion.

  • Thank you Angela and I’m sorry for what you are experiencing. I haven’t posted in this group before as till now I’ve been benefiting from the breast cancer forum. My profile information may be in need of an update and edit but I’ll do that when I have a clearer idea of what next. I haven’t been told I can’t have a biopsy just it’s not what is suggested in the part of the radiology report that was read out to me over the phone. I wrote most of what I’ve posted here when I was in shock on Thursday last week. 
    best wishes