Introducing myself

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Hi everyone ️. 

It's a sad reality that I'm even writing this 

Let me tell you a bit about me, I'm 52, and in March 21 I developed an itch in my left breast, I suffer a dry skin condition so didn't really think anything of the itch, there was nothing to see or feel, however the itch got worse and I found I was itching constantly I woke up scratching and creams wasn't easing the itch so I decided I was going to get it checked out.

in May 21 I had a mammogram and I was recalled in June 21 for another mammogram,  they told me then and there that they was doing a biopsy as they'd seen a lump deep inside my left breast,  where I'd had the itching, the doctor told me it was breast cancer but needed the biopsy for confirmation. In August 21 I had a lumpectomy and axillary clearance and in the September 21 a re-incision to get clear margins,  they managed to achieve that and I refused treatment. 

I had to have 3 monthly CT scans because they'd seen a shadow on my right lung and kidney but didn't know what they was , the kidney lump was just a fatty lump but July 22 they found the shadow on my right lung had grown and instead of one nodule 6 more had developed (2 others in right and 4 in left) they didn't do a biopsy and diagnosed me with stage 4 breast cancer. 

Now I don't know what else to say , I refused treatment due to other health issues I have and the fact I don't tolerate medicines very well , I want quality of life well the quality  that I have which isnt the best anyway rather than quantity of life , I know this route isn't for everyone and I just want others to respect my wishes like I respect theirs .