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I did post on the BC forum a few weeks ago but this now seems a more appropriate place. 

Mum is 82 yo, had pre cancerous cells 20+ years ago with radiotherapy and tamoxifen.   Had been unwell for the latter part of last year and finally persuaded her to the Drs on 3/1/23. 

Long story short, had results appt at breast clinic today - BC is grade 2 mucinous and very oestrogen sensitive.   Also now confirmed secondary BC in limbs, bones, adrenal gland and pleura. She’s started on Letrozole ahead of an oncology referral as surgery is not an option.   

I don’t even know what questions I might have but just would appreciate any comments/advice from anyone in vaguely similar situations - scanning the many posts on here I don’t appear to see anyone with this mix of secondaries.   
Many thanks