Secondary breast cancer - lungs and liver

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Hi, was diagnosed on 5th October, first Docetaxel on 22nd December with pertuzumab and trastuzumab (plus the dreaded filgastrim)

Took forever as was aiming for a trial - original cancer was HER2+ and ER+ but liver biopsy came back negative. 

Bit of a freak out - didn't know much about triple neg - Oh My!

Back to original hospital - not happy about that but I'm in Scotland, we can ask but we might not get, I asked, very politely told not a chance.

All this took less than 3 weeks with umpteen tests (including an eye test lol). It then took another 7 weeks to redo the HER2 test. That was all I was waiting for. I knew the tumours were growing, they told me but dum de dum, chased it up a couple of times, got shot down - they will be in touch when they know.

Anyway, I'm HER2+ again, pleased about that, oncologist is a bit weirded out. After what I read about triple neg, I'll take the win.

Now I've got the flu, temp thinks it's skiing in the Alps and my nose..there are not enough tissues! Gross

Almost a New Year, got my last injection at 9pm, quick snooze then I'm going to sit on the balcony with an innocent smoothie and watch the fireworks

Happy New Year Sparkler

  • Best of luck with your treatment and hope the delays haven’t affected your outcomes. TNBCer here. Not much fun. 

  • Hi, thank you.  

    I hope not but haven't asked - at this point it's 6 months to manana with an obligatory shoulder shrug.

    So sorry ur TN, that is some scary stuff! 

    Got asked to consider a trial for TN, good grief - the testing to get in was off the chart. I was amazed they weren't asking for toenail clippings from your first born!

    I hope u managed a good Christmas though Slight smile

  • Hi, hope you are doing well, can I ask about your specific reference to triple neg, having been ER+ and HER+ at original diagnosis. 

    what symptoms led to to the lung diagnosis or did that arise as part of the overall ongoing checks?


  • Hi, the trial people said they were seeing more and more going from ER+ to ER- lately altho the HER2 shift was still rare. They think it's the letrozole etc - doing a great job starving the cancer cells but then they adapt.

    Got retested at local hospital and the HER2 showed up as positive - go figure! Seems there are different types of tests - if it comes back neg might be worth a try asking for a different test.

    Previously I'd been stage 2 and had been having yearly CT scans to keep an eye on liver lesions. That's how they found the liver and lung tumours. Had an ongoing cough that GP had dismissed but now seems to have been a symptom. Was knackered all the time as well but hind sight is great lol

    Had rib pain but have a lot of scar tissue from surgery so that was overlooked too. Now tumours are shrinking rib pain is improving. Cough is as well.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, sounds like you are doing ok, long may  that continue.

    My concern revolves around my wife having grade 2 breast cancer in 2015, this was invasive lobular carcinoma with one lymph node involved, classed as Er+ Her2 negative. She received a course of radiotherapy followed by tamoxifen.

    All was well until last November when she had a vaginal bleed which turned out to be endometrial cancer requiring a hysterectomy which we are told requires no further treatment.

    coincidently at the same time developed a morning cough much like you would expect from a smoker,  we paid little attention to this as the other issue was uppermost in our minds, now that the hysterectomy is behind us we are paying more attention to the cough, still there each morning quite often with clear phlegm, during the day hardly any coughing but seems to be frequently ‘throat’ clearing.

    We reported this to the GP who ordered an X-ray which showed she had infection in left lung but nothing ‘sinister’ gave her antibiotics which haven’t done much.

    I started to worry about Breast cancer mets in lounge, and noticed that whilst it does spread to lungs 70% of the time it goes into bone, however I saw that triple negative BC is more likely to go to lung, hence my question to you.

    as an aside the drug you referred to letrozol I presume is a chemo drug?  

    I fear I am very sensitive to my wife’s health issues and have picked up very early signs of what might be a lung issue so early that an X-ray ( not the best diagnosis tool) hadn’t spotted anything.

    She has no other cough related symptoms, no cold or fever etc.

    mess your cough constant, did it get worse over time?

    thanks for reading my reply