Secondary breast cancer in liver and bones

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Hi I have never posted on any sort of forum before, I’m not really tec savvy, but I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in bones and liver and felt I would like a little bit of reassurance if that was possible!

I am female in early 70s and had breast cancer 11 years ago.  I had the full works, mastectomy, lymph clearance, chemo and radiotherapy and have been well ever since.

I was diagnosed 2/3 weeks ago and my first appointment with the oncologist is today. I am dreading the appointment and wondered if anyone has had the same diagnosis and what to expect.  I would appreciate any info you can give me.

  • Hi, I hope my words help you.

    My mum was diagnosed in August with the same, also in her bones and liver, after battling primary BC 3 years ago.

    she commenced treatment straight away (IV chemo and now moved onto hormone injections) it has not been easy watching her go through this, but she is doing her best and I have heard many positive stories of women that live with this disease for numerous years.

    I hope all goes well with your oncologist and a treatment plan is put in place for you.


  • Thanks so much for getting back to me.  I have just returned home from my appointment and my mind is in a whirl trying to remember all that was said.  
    He has started me today on hormone tablets and told me to get any dental work done before I am started on another chemo-type tablet in a couple of weeks because it apparently can be harmful to teeth and gums!  Also they are going to request an MRI to see what is going on in my back.

    I think I might ring the oncology nurse to see if she can go through everything again with me.

    I hope your mum is doing well and not suffering too much with side effects. Blush