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I had breast cancer 12 years ago and after a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy I have been well. It was a bit of a shock to be diagnosed with breast cancer metastases in the bones and brain. Going to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy to try to control it. Any support would be very welcome.

  • Us pink ladies are here for you all the way! You got this, you done it once you can do it again! x

  • Thank you Alib that means a lot. I've been for radiotherapy planning and it will start on the brain lesion on 3rd January for 5 days. Here we go again! Xx

  • Hello stowmum, how are you doing now ? I hope the radiotherapy has been ok and working . 

  • Hi CarolineD22, sadly the radiotherapy was unsuccessful and they've cancelled the chemo. Just palliative care now. The hospice and community services have been lovely.

    Sorry I hadn't better news. How are you doing? x

  • Dear stowmum, I am so very sorry to hear your news about the treatment not working and your move to palliative care only. You are in the good hands of the hospice and lovely community nurses whom I hope are looking after you well. Sending you a big hug. Like a massive big one. 

    I am ok thanks. Like you I had 12 years since first line treatment and last year was shocked to be diagnosed with spinal mets. I am on Ribociclib and fulvestrant and denosumab high is working for me..

    another big hug for you