Secondary breast cancer

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Hi, I am a new member.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011

This was treated with a lumpectomy and radiotherapy  followed  by 5 years of letrozol.   At the time I was told  that I  wouldn't  benefit from chemo.  2021 and I cannot  stop coughing.   Went to gp and to cut a very dragged out story aftetr  a ct scan they phoned me and said firstly  are you able to chat , I said I'm on My own and they continued to  say the results of my scan showed I had lung cancer.  I was totally in shock and hung up.  Had to wait 2 hours for my husband to come home to tell him.   Moving on a few months tests  showed it was in fact secondary breast cancer in my lungs. I was then referred to an oncologist  who put me back on letrozol  and within 1 week  my coughing  had stopped.  He also put me on Imbrance and a bone strengthening  drug.  To date I'm doing good.  Ct scans are stable.  I'm now able to continue  enjoying  life, 4 abroad hols this year even though travel Insurance  is so expensive.   18 month down the line and I try every day to be up beat  tho it's not easy.  I go to my local leisure  centre  and fo 8 classes per  week,  I sware  it  keeps me going and sane and highly recommend  it if you have the  energy.   So thats my experience 

  • Levens you have lifted my spirits today. I had breast cancer in 2007 and similar to you, I had a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and then tamoxifen for 7 years. A couple of months ago I noticed a slight pain my breast bone, that came & went and then a swelling appeared at the front of my neck. After very quick X-rays & referral for ct scan I was diagnosed last week with secondary breast cancer in a tumour in my chest, which ha travelled to my breastbone and some lymph glands. I waiting for further tests on my biopsy and have an oncologist appt on the 15th. Great Xmas present for me, my husband and family. It’s so bloody worrying and annoying. Why me, why a second time. I’ve never smoked, never been overweight, drink moderately and like you I do gym classes and run!! What more could I have done. 
    bjr glad to hear you are 18 months down the line and that gives me hope. So Thankyou for your post. Thumbsup

  • Penswick, you are more than welcome.   Glad I've been of some help.  I admit  I was  terrified  and asked "why me ".   I keep saying to myself  that not one person on this earth knows their future  so I must try and enjoy  things .  I hope your oncology  meeting goes  well and your treatment  starts to control the cancer.  Take care