Hello, I'm new here.

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I have just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer which has spread to my liver and spine. I am experiencing terrible lower back pain. Decided to join here as I feel I need to communicate with people who know what I'm going through and hopefully get some practical advice and emotional support. I am a single parent with 2 young children so my 2 boys are going on this journey again with me xx

  • Hi there 

    i have secondary bone cancer and at first i had bad lower back pain in my spine since finishing chemotherapy the lower back pain has eased and i now have moment of pain but nothing that i can’t manage 

    it’s a scary journey when i was first diagnosed i was in total shock for around 6 months and going through the chemotherapy is a scary process but i got through it and it’s all so able just moments where i had to ask for help which is not something i find easy i have learnt to ask for help which helps 

    do you have any support as you said you have 2 young children there is support out there i got a little kitten who has helped with my mental health on days i don’t want to get up she helps me 

    it’s now a year since my diagnosis and there is hope there are many people living with this illness and thriving i choose to look to them for inspiration there are so many treatments now it’s not all doom and gloom since my diagnosis it’s been a roller coaster but it’s starting to now be a lot more manageable 

    good luck x