Secondary breast cancer

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Hi. I was dx with secondary breast cancer 4 days ago. Following a swelling in my neck, CT scan & biopsy results. I’m now waiting for an oncologist appointment following further biopsy test to then see what treatment I can have. I had breast cancer 15 years ago, with a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and 7 years of tamoxifen. The breast care consultant has told me this is treatable but not curable and has progressed to my breast bone and some lymph nodes. I’m debated that after 15 years I’m in this position again. It’s so unfair and I gel totally lost. I do have a very supportive husband, close family & friends. But it’s so hard to think what is ahead of me. 

    1. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I am on this forum due to my mum being in the same situation, she was diagnosed in July, 3 years after her primary diagnosis of breast cancer.

    sorry I can’t offer much advice, just wanted to let you know my mum has been going through treatment since July and she is doing ok, she has good days and bad days,  I know when she was first diagnosed we were all devastated and I took some hope in hearing positive stories.

    Wishing you al the best with your treatment plan 


  • Thankyou for your kind words. 

  • Hi sorry to hear this has happened to you.  My mum was just diagnosed this time last week with after 5 years being clear and we are all still in shock and trying to process it.  My mum was diagnosed 5 years ago they said it was very small and early so treated it with chemo and radio everything fine went for last mammogram in April all clear.   Her back been nagging a bit which was nothing new as her as bothered her for years and gp was fobbing her off with paimkilllers instead of imvestigating!   I’m loads of pain last week went to a&e done a CT and it showed up in her pelvis!   Even the a & e doc was shocked!   Just waitin on future CT then chat with consultant to see what’s happening.  It’s awful for anyone going through this.   You read some really positive stories about people being treated for years with this.     Thats good you have supportive folk round you but it is so hard.  I know myself as I had a different cancer 20 years ago then my mum twice life is so unfair.  I joined this as it’s definitely helping speaking to other people it’s what is keeping me sane at the moment!    Everyone has been saying that once you have a plan in place and start to move forward things seem clearer as just now it’s the waiting for us all.      

    i wish you well


  • Thanks Jacqueline. Just hearing other people are experiencing similar things is very comforting. Life and the curve balls it throws at you are not always what we expect. 

  • That’s how I feel hearing how other people cope and getting on with it  as you feel your doing something positive because at the moment like yourself everything has just happened and it’s trying to get your head around it.  Nobody wants to be in this position it’s damn hard but speaking is definitely the way forward as you don’t feel so alone.  Here if you need to chat.