Mum secondary Breast cancer in bones

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Hi just found out this week that’s mums cancer has returned after 5 years clear from initial diagnosis.  At the time of diagnosis they caught it very early treated it with chemo and radio and that was all good.   She has always had a bad back but the other day it was so bad she went to a&e and ct showed up cancer in pelvis area.   We are totally devastated.  Have an appt for another ct in 2 weeks to look more in-depth and a consultant app after thst to discuss further.   At the moment we feel in limbo and are just taking each day at a time.   We know this can’t be cured but treated and I’m just hoping with the treatment my mum is still going have a life in front of her as at the moment she can’t see that.   Any advice would be so appreciated.  Thamks

  • Hi,
          I am sorry to hear about your mum’s diagnosis. 

    This forum has been a remarkable source of information and support. It’s been 8 weeks since my mums diagnosis which started with an A & E visit and a 10 day stay at the hospital. My mum has extensive bone mets which  is on her skull, pelvis, spine  and left side shoulder. She has had a bone biopsy at the hip and received a treatment plan which should start next week. 

    My mum initially had an MRI scan which showed deposits in her spine. A CT scan that showed no spread to her organs and then a further bone scan that confirmed spread to her shoulder and skull. This then lead to a head scan which showed no mets to her brain.  This allowed the doctors determine the spread and the biopsy to confirm the type of cancer and the correct treatment plan.  

    The waiting is the most difficult part but once you have a treatment plan it does help and as a daughter I felt comfort that there was some element of control. 

    For my mum it was accepting that the cancer was back and that she will be on treatment for life was hardest. 

    As a family we took comfort in the fact that there is treatment and hearing the stories on the forum gives you so much hope. 

    Sending  best wishes to your mum and family. 

    Love Faith

  • Hi Faith Thank you so much for replying and also I’m very sorry your family is going through this ordeal too.    It’s only been since Tuesday and we just feel we are walking about with a black cloud over us and as you say it’s the waiting for scans etc you just want to speed it up and get a plan in place.    I hate this is happening to my poor mum again but we will do everything we can to help her.   She just had her last 5 year mammogram in April and it was totally clear I think we are all so in shock but once we start to come to terms with it and move forward I’m hoping things will look a bit brighter.    Nobody wants to be in this position but I’m grateful this forum is here  there are so many positive stories which give you hope.    I hope your mum gets on fine when her treatment starts next week.