SBC and in liver

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Hi all,

Newly diagnosed in August. Never had BC before just straight in stage 4 & in the liver from a routine mammogram. Started Phesgo & chemo. Just had 3rd round. To say I’m struggling with side effects is an understatement. Literally for 10days after my chemo I cannot eat or drink due to texture/taste in mouth, just feeling completely wiped out and wasting away. Anyone with any useful tips is appreciated or just to let me know this is normal. Feel so alone with everything at the moment. Thank you. X

  • Hi 

    I was also told I had secondary breast cancer 2 week after being diagnosed with breast cancer it’s a shock and a lot to get your head around 

    I had chemotherapy and on cycle 3 it really knocked me down I was ok up till then I learnt to eat when I can there was lots I could not eat but I found having smoothie really good and much easier same days I was able to eat little things like prawns I ate little but made sure I did eat some days I ate the same thing as like you I found textures challenging but if you find a couple of things that ain’t to bad I would encourage you to stick with them 

    i look back now and yes it was hard not walking every day and eating were what definitely got me through it we have to keep our strength up 

    good luck