Secondary bone cancer

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        My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer ( left) stage 3 in 2015.  She had the mastectomy, Chemo, radio therapy and letrozole . Sadly she was diagnosed with mets to the bone ( spine, shoulder and skull ( all left side) last week, 

CT scan and head scan showed it was clear and MDT took place today and awaiting treatment plan next week. 

Is there anyone who is or has loved one experiencing a similar journey, I would love to hear from you.

The second time round the approach is we control the cancer and not the other way around.


  • Hi Faith,

    So sorry to hear about your mum. I am in similar situation with my own mum, she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer around 10 weeks ago, so it is still all very new to me.

    She was originally diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and had a mastectomy, reconstruction, chemo, radiotherapy and was also to take letrozole.

    She now has mets in her liver and bones(hip and spine)

    Its heartbreaking to hear that the cancer is not curable, the one thing we are hanging onto is that it is treatable and she has commenced weekly chemotherapy, which comes with its own challenges.

    it’s been a rough 10 weeks for her and us all as a family.

    Sorry i can’t give much advice but I hope this message makes you feel you are not alone.

    I hope your mum gets a suitable treatment plan arranged soon.


  • Hi LG1983, 

                       Thank you for your response and I am also sorry to hear about your mum’s  diagnosis. Sending you and your mum strength to get through the chemo and treatment. 

    Yes, you are right the fact that it can be treated gives you hope and some peace. 

    My mum was discharged from hospital a few days ago since diagnosis and made a difference . Keeping  things “normal” helps and that my mum has some control to get on with her life.

    Don’t ever give up hope, there will be ups and downs.


  • Hi Faith, I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in two ribs, spine and skull just before Christmas. As it took 6 months for them to take me seriously that there was something wrong I also have a spinal compression fracture! I am now on Palbociclib, Denosumab and Exemestane. First month of treatment over and other than a painful back I’ve been fine. Hope your mum is doing ok. x

  • Hi Bramble, 

    Thank you for your message and hope that you keeping well and coping well on your first line of treatment. Hope the pain has got better for you. 

    My mums is tolerating her medication much better. My mum has fatigue and Doctor said it’s possibly side effects from treatment and anaemia. She does have her first 3 monthly scans in March so it’s good to know she being monitored closely. 

    I have to say since October my mum has come a long way and adapting to a “new normal”. The one session of radiotherapy has helped her pain and she can manage on paracetamol.

    Take care  x

  • I don't know how to use this site ....l just want to ask us anyone else terrified like l am ????? What are your coping strategies?  I have mets in spine ribs and sternum.   Too many side effects from pain killers. 


  • Hello Shaw

    I find the site a bit tricky to navigate too but if you have secondary breast cancer you’re in the right place. If you are able it’s good to add details on your profile and then we all know what you’re dealing with.

    Im about 18 months since my diagnosis and still find it surprising as I forget some days about it. The shock has worn off but I still have terrible days and moments when I’m upset. It’s the new normal and I think it takes time to adjust. 
    it really is about take each day as it comes well that’s been my philosophy. 
    Not sure what your diagnosis is? 
    I have secondaries in bones too, ribs, sternum, lower spine, shoulder and left leg as well as two small tumours in my breasts. So, quite a lot of areas!! I’m on letrozole, palbociclib and last year was given ribociclib but my liver enzymes became too high so I was switched to palbociclib. I also have rheumatoid arthritis from 2019 so pain is usually caused by that and not the bone cancer. 
    I get a ct scan every three months and there’s been no changes since January 2023. 
    I hope you get a treatment plan sorted soon and start to slowly’s a terrible shock 

    Stay in touch as lots of kind helpful people on here who really understand what we’re going through xx

  • Dear Starflower

    What a lovely reply and brave woman you are. I have spinal stenosis arthritis and osteoporosis which probably cause pain more than the cancer.  The pain causes me anxiety. 

    The bone biopsy not happened yet.  Dreading it.

    Thankyou and l will stay in touch xx