I'm new to this group although I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my lungs and bones 8 years ago.  Have been on several treatments and currently on capecitabine which I'm finding easy to tolerate.  Would love to hear from anyone in this group.

  • Hi There 

    Your post has given me hope I was diagnosed with breast cancer on September last year 2 weeks later I was diagnosed with with secondary bone cancer it’s nice to hear from people with secondary and who are living as there is so much scary information out there 

    Do you have support to deal with you diagnosis ? 

  • Hi,

    There is always hope.  I was first diagnosed with primary breast cancer 30 years ago, it returned after 7 years, then 15 years later the secondary was diagnosed.  I have a fairly positive attitude towards cancer having lived with it for so long.

    I have support from Maggies Centre which is really helpful.

  • Thanks for your post gives me hope Pray

  • Lightlove as Poppydoll says there is always hope.  I was diagnosed in November 2011 with SBC multiple metastases in both lungs and am doing well. I have 3 monthly check ups (next one next Monday) but haven't had any aggressive treatment since 2014. A few tablets a day that is all.  You never stop worrying about it but hopefully like Poppydoll and I you will get used to living with it.