Hello, first time joining and posting in group. Just diagnosed and chemo starts in 2 days. Living alone this is hard in the long, dark, wee hours  and I'm panicking with not breathing properly, it seems to have gotten worse these last 2 weeks, is this normal pls? Thank you x

  • Hi  I noticed no one had commented so thought i would. If you posted 2 days ago then I assume you start chemo today? The things you are describing are common anxiety, we all have suffered or still suffer from this especially when we are due to start treatment or changing treatment or even waiting for surgery or care plan. I hope all goes well for you today. 

    Lils x
  • Hi Sonic,  it does sound as if you have anxiety.  Once you have started the treatment and got used to it you will feel much better I’m sure.  Unfortunately, anxiety is part of this awful journey so you are not alone.  As time goes on I hope you will feel more calm.  Good luck with the treatment. Hugs to you.  Suexxxx

  • Hi There 

    It’s very overwhelming I am still in shock 7 months later some days I think I am in a dream I am reading and trying. To educate myself a bit I am finding that is helping i also find I cry a lot but again I am told it’s wyiute normal it’s still early days I wish you well in your treatment