Tnbc lung metastasis

I’ve had a recent diagnosis of tnbc moving to both lungs. Information is a bit ambiguous- anyone know the prognosis please

  • Hi Nettie, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Naturally everyone is different, and new drugs are always coming out, so I don't think anyone can give you a real prognosis. The stats for Stage 4 TNBC are pretty depressing, but they're based on year's old data.

    My wife was initially ER+ (8/8) PR+ (8/8) HER2-. When it came back as stage 4 in her spine, it was TNBC (0/0 on everything). After chemo got her to NEAD, it came back in her lymph nodes and spine. They biopsied again, and it's ER+ (8/8) PR+ (2/8) HER2-. So it flipped to "bad", then flipped to "good" again.

    Obviously this isn't the case for everyone, but it was a pleasant shock for us, and I hope will give others some hope.