How long have people been living with mbc I need some hope really struggling

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  • Hi Lindz welcome to the forum and I am sorry that you have not had a reply as yet. I wonder if one of the reasons for that, is like me people are not clear on the abbreviations mbc and what they stand for. I wonder if you could let us know what they mean and how long this has been  happening for you we would be glad to help in any way that we can. Hope that make sense and I am  not being offending as that is not what is meant by my post at all.  


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  • Hi thank you for your relay and I mean advanced breast cancer I’m her2 positive with lymph node involvement and small mastastitc to spine so worried and scared for my small children 

  • Hi Lindz ive had mastatic breast cancer for nearly 7 years xx

  • Thank you for your reply! This gives me hope. What treatment you on? I’ve just finished chemo now on phesgo injections xx

  • Im on herceptin injection and denuzomab just starting a new chemo on tues as ive had progression 

  • Is that the phesgo? Good luck on your next treatment.. hope all goes well xx

  • They just say mine is herceptin and thankyou hope all goes well for you xx

  • Hi Linda, sorry I missed your post I don’t come on this group very often as I mostly post in the incurables group. I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, mets in bones and lungs in October 2022 so all still quite new to me but I’ve met many on FB and on this site who are living a full life with it and have done for years. It’s true that it’s incurable but I’ve been told to view it as a chronic illness rather than a death sentence! You’ve got every hope to live to see your daughters graduate, get married, have babies of their own maybe. I was like you and terrified at first as although my children are grown up I worried that I wouldn’t be around to see them get married and have their own kids and find their way in life. I’ve come to terms with it now, six months on. I still have down times, these sometimes last a few days to week when I get tearful at everything but the meds can cause that too. I’m trying to live life to the full, making memories and seeing family and friends as much as I can. Enjoy your kiddies and try not to think of the C! Easier said than done but counselling can help. The MacMillan guys are amazing and local hospices offer counselling too. Big hugs to you, you’ve just had a massive shock and need to be kind to yourself, accept whatever help is offered as you get your head round it all. good luck with your treatment 

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  • Sorry Lindz, autocorrect spelt your name wrong! 

  • Thank you for replying to me.. I was also diagnosed October 22 with lymph node involvement and a small mets to spine.. had a scan half way through my treatment and it was working.I can’t deal with iHeart at all. I’m so scared of dying and leaving my kids. Hope your treatment is working well for you.take careHeart