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Hello can anyone advise on products for my sister who is loosing her hair.  Her scalp has become very dry and flaky so a recommendation for a conditioner would be appreciated.

She is taking Ibrance since November and we were informed that hair loss was a potential side effect,  Not sure whether she will loose her hair completely, it is very thin now and coming out  a lot.  
Thank you 

  • Hi Stripy,

    I’m Dylan and I work in the Community Team here at Macmillan.

    I wanted to respond to your post to offer some support and bump the post for anyone who can offer any recommendations.

    How are you and your sister doing today?

    I just read your profile and I was sorry to read of your sister’s cancer returning last year. It sounds like you have a special relationship with her. I'm glad she has someone like you to support her through this difficult time.

    If you ever want to connect with others in a similar situation or receive some support, I suggest joining our Carers only forum.

    You may find some helpful information on this blog that was posted earlier this year about coping with hair loss. And this recent thread in breast cancer had people give recommendations for hair regrowth.

    Please remember you can also contact our Support Line today. Our support team are available 7 days a week, 8am-8pm on freephone 0808 808 00 00email or live webchat. They are here to listen and help you find the right support. They’re here to chat, and they can also help with any questions you have. 

    You can also reach our teams on the Support Line here on the Online Community in our "Ask an Expert" section.

    I am glad that you reached out for advice, and I hope you find the above information helpful. If you have any other questions or need further support, please get in touch. You can send a private message to the Moderator account or email us at

    Best wishes,

    Macmillan's Online Community Team

  • Hell Dylan. Thank you for your support and forum recommendations.  It is a daily struggle with emotions my Sister is so depressed and l cannot lift her mood whatever l try.  I have booked a holiday for ourselves and husbands but the process of getting insurance arranging mobility needs etc leave me despondent for the future.  I will join the carers forum to see if anyone can advise something to lift her mood.

  • I find faith in nature products are good - I use the unscented version. The scented ones cause more irritation. If your sister is losing a lot of hair, like with chemo, then using something like a cetaphil moisturiser as a soap substitute can be good for the scalp and skin. Anything unscented is less irritant. For insurance for the holiday - insurewith might be good - I have used them before and found them helpful

  • Thank you for your recommendations l will get her some cetaphil l know it is a good product and l had not thought of a soap substitute.  I did try insurewith as one of the first options but they refused straight away because she can’t walk 100 yards without getting out of breath on her own. It seems to be a set question on all the insurance quote forms.  

  • Hi  

    It's a pleasure. You have been a fantastic support to your sister. There was one more thing I wanted to highlight in case you haven't come across it before. Through Bupa, Macmillan are offering up to 6 free counselling sessions for people struggling emotionally because they are living with cancer. You can read about this offer here as it may be helpful for your sister. Its also mentioned in a blog that a colleague of mine posted last year.

    Keep reaching out to the support available and don't hesitate to give our support line a call if you are ever feeling stuck or in need of a chat.

    Best wishes,

    Macmillan's Online Community Team

  • You could try all clear  for insurance instead.