Breast cancer spread to pelvic bone

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Mam has been told breast cancer has spread to pelvic bone. We have just found this out from a CT done 8 weeks ago..very very annoyed tbh and hospital are investigating..

What treatment have people been given for long will she live. Feel like everything has been turned upside down when all was going well Disappointed

  • Hi Longgair,

    Sorry to hear about you Mam's diagnosis.

    From personal experience, you're at the worst part of the journey. You've got the secondary diagnosis, but no info on tumour receptors, and no treatment plan yet.

    Treatment will depend on receptor status, so ideally they will biopsy the bone to establish that, then they can choose the right treatment. Do you know what her receptor status was for her original cancer?

    As for how long she will live, secondary breast cancer is now seen as a chronic condition, with many, many, treatment options. Some (lucky) ladies are living 20+ years with it.

    Hopefully once your Mam starts treatment you'll both feel a bi of relief.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi

    Thanks for reply. Her beast cancer was HER2 negative. Just diagnosed in December.. still getting chemo until last week. doc has now stopped it due to her been too poorly of it and the CT results from 8 weeks ago shown a possible spread to pelvic bone.

    I do hope the treatment will prolong her for many years..thanks 

  • Hi there

    sorry you have to come onto this site for your mam. Well I have secondary breast cancer to my bones too and it’s in my hip, and many other bone areas. I found this out feb 23 after 4 months of scans and biopsies. My tumour markers are er+ her - so not the same as your mams.

    its a terrible shock when this happens so all I can say from my experience is they will come up with a treatment plan for her and in terms of how long, ? I was told it could be a handful of years, but not sure if that meant both! I’d love at least another decade on this beautiful planetGrinning

    I’m 66 now and have been given hormone inhibitors and letrozole. 
    The thing is statistics are based on a big group and they are indicators but I just try to live day by day  My cancer markers are down by 50% and I have more pain from my rheumatoid arthritis than the bone cancer so far.

    i really hope things will level out for her and she improves and your family stays strong with all of this

    take care xx