Rib, Lower Back & Hip Pain

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Hi.  I am now almost 7 years clear from bilateral breast cancer.  In the last 6 weeks I’ve started feeling as if there is something between my ribs and when I sit down I can feel it more.  I can’t see or feel any lumps.  In the last 2 weeks I’ve started suffering lower back pain too and pains in my hips and the front of my legs.  These pains I’ve put down to the Anastrazole which I’m still on as I’ve had them before many times.  I’ve seen my GP and been told it’s nothing too worry about but I know something is not right so I’ve been back multiple times. The last time I went the doctor pressed on my ribs under my breast and it was extremely painful.   I’ve also been and seen my breast consultant and he’s referring me for a bone scan.  I’ve had routine bloods done and they’ve all come back clear.  I’m so worried that there is something sinister wrong.  I was just wondering if anyone has had similar and what the outcome was.  Thank you x 

  • Hi   I am not a breast cancer patient, my cancer is endometrial stromal sarcoma, but my treatment mirrors breast cancer. I too am on anastrozole which I have been on for 8 years, and letrozole for one year prior to that. I am currently having physio due to pelvic and hip pain. This is due to osteopenia from the anastrozole. I know you are having a bone scan, but I am wondering if you have had a bone density scan to check for osteoporosis?

    It is good to hear you are being checked for the rib pain. A scan will be the only way to check what may be causing this pain. It is a very anxious time for you, and I really do hope the scan will put your mind at rest. 


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  • Hi Chelle

    Thank you for your response.  I had a dexa bone scan about 6 months ago and everything was as it should be for a woman of my age.  It’s just really strange how all of a sudden I’ve got pains almost Pensiveeverywhere between my lower rib cage and the top of my thighs Pensive.  Hopefully it will get sorted soon - I’m just keeping everything crossed that I’m overthinking it and it’s something simple and straightforward.  Thank you again x 

  • I still get a lot of body pains after chemo treatments, I am on Phesgo and antrozole and Zemita so my feelings vary, how I combat the body pains is slow walks, swimming relaxes tge muscles if you can make it. 
    I do hope you find some relief, I fully understand how you feel. 

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