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Has enhurtu been rejected my nhs because of the cost and what will second line treatment be? I’m having phesgo injections at moment and this was meant to be my second line treatment. So scared 

  • Hi Lindz,

    I hope you're still doing well.

    The recent decision was to reject Enhertu for HER2low people (HER2 1+). I believe that it is approved for HER2+ people (HER2 3+).

    So as you're HER2+, it should still be available to you on the NHS.

    The rejection is purely based to the cost of treatment, so I'd expect this to be resolved at some point in the future.

    Take care!


  • Oh really I’ve got myself in a rite state all morning lol thank you for your reply. How’s your wife doing? Hope she’s still doing well take care 

  • Here's the NICE recommendation: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ta862/informationforpublic

    My wife is doing OK, very tired all the time. It looks like she might have some spread to the pleura as she has fluid on both her lungs.

    Her Oncologist announced she was retiring, giving us only 1 month's notice(!), so we've had to find a new one. Luckily I think we've found a very good one, who's all about using the genome to target treatment.

    On her last biopsy she was, guess what, HER2low!

    Thankfully she has her BUPA cover, and she'll be starting Enhertu soon! Slight smile

  • Thank you and all the best to your wife on starting her new treatment thank goodness she’s got cover. X