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Hi There,

I haven’t been on here for some time now, i have a question. My wife has secondary breast cancer in her shoulder with mets to her lung, liver and lymph nodes particularly collar bone. She is on her second line of treatment unfortunately the first line was ineffective. She is now on weekly paxlitaxol, dose 18 and seems to be responding well liver mets shrank slightly, bone stable, lung stable but the lymph node under her collar bone keeps growing and looks very inflamed.

has anyone had experience of this is there anything we can do to reduce the swelling, it is very worrying as it looks like the treatment may not be working any longer? Appreciate no one other than a doctor can answer that but we are keen to understand if there is anything we can do?

Thanks in advance Pray

  • Hi MikeyC

    Sorry I don't have any advice for you both about the swollen lymph node but I noticed that you haven't had any answers so I thought I'd reply to you to move you to the top of the discussion.  Hopefully someone will be along shortly with an answer for you.  In the meantime why don't you put the question in the Ask a nurse section of the website, though you have to wait for a few days for an answer.  Here's the link for you: Ask a Nurse 

    Best wishes


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