Sulking today - Palbociclib woes

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I’m currently taking Palbociclib and Letrozole, should now be on my 7th cycle. Unfortunately my Neutrophils have dropped too low so now treatment has stopped for a week. 

Anyone else had the same and how long off treatment did it take to recover?

thank you x

  • Yes it happened to me especially during winter months. I would have to go back a week later and then my neutrophils would be back in range. Last month it happened for the 3rd time, and so they reduced my dose from 125ml to 100ml. I'll know on Monday if it's made a difference and I can start cycle 18.

  • At the start  of taking palbociib, my neutrophils, were very low.. Well below 1 and I had to keep delaying an extra week and retake bloodtest before continuing. This carried on happening so they reduced my dose to 100mg. Then 75mg. Then   made the 2 week gap a permanent thing in order to reduce the number of blood tests. This regime now suits me, my neutrophils are fine and I am  past 2 years of letrozole and palbociclib.. Am doing really well.  They say that a reduced dose does not effect its efficacy.

    It's good to compare notes. Makes it less scary I think. X

  • Hi

    It happened on my first two cycles.  A week later my neutrophils were up but are never that high.  Just finished cycle 5 and will find out tomorrow if they are high enough for cycle 6 to start.  I was told it’s normal for the first few cycles.


  • It does and your response really helps. Thank you for taking the time x