Constant breathlessness

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I have recently been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.  It has spread to my spine and my main issue is having trouble breathing if I do anything mildly exerting.  

my question is, with treatment does this improve? Has anyone else experienced this and has any tips to manage it.



  • Hi Bailey123

    I have secondary in my lungs, I have oxygen therapy which helps to clear the pipes but doesn’t take away the breathlessness.  I’ve just enrolled on a Breeze program which helps to control breathing but I dont Think the breathlessness will go, it looks like I’m stuck with it.

    So far tried morphine, inhalers, steroids, and the breathlessness hasn’t improved so I’ve bought a mobility scooter.

  • Hey

    I am also newly diagnosed and suffer from breathlessness.

    I dont know if its the same for you but I am very stressed snd anxious and think my breathlessness is related to that .

    I m trying to practice breathing exercises snd be more aware of holding my breath and it seems to help

    Hope it settles for you

    Gill xxx