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I was diagnosed with secondary BC just before Christmas. Its on various sites on my back sternum and pelvis. I’m due to start treatment next week. I’m now in pain and have tried various options including regular doses of paracetamol which takes the edge off but still leaves the pain, ibruprofen which helped a bit but caused stomach pain even with taking omeprozole and naproxen which made me lightheaded and a bit out of things. Nurse suggested Cocodamol which I’m reluctant to use as it makes me v drowsy and woozy. 

Really helpful to know what has helped any of you with pain. Oncologist did mention radiotherapy as an option but will need a scan done first so that’s going to take some time. I really need to get something sorted more quickly.


  • Hi, I have secondary bone cancer so have experianced the pain. Mine is in the same places as yours. The scan is very important first as my MRI showed my spine  where most of my pain was was in need of a surgical procedure where they either brace or use surgical cement to stabalize the spine. Not for a moment am i saying thats your problem. When the scan is done they will have a better idea. You can get liquid morphine from your care team my oncology nurse gave me some. Now dont think morthine oh my god not the morphine haha. its only a low dose and it really worked for me and another friend who also had the same problem as me. I had radiotherapy and yes it can really ease the pain. It can take up to 6 weeks after treament has finished but it did work for me. So please get in touch with oncology team and ask for the morphine you can get it on perscription from your GP too. Hope this helps, the pain is horrible i know, all the best Dawn x

  • Thanks Dawn.

    Really helpful to hear what worked for you and good to hear you got the pain under control. Will ring GP tomorrow and see what I can get sorted. 

    Best wishes 

  • Great happy to help x

  • Hi Daisy

    I have secondary breast cancer in my spine.  I was given one large blast of radiotherapy after diagnosis 5 months ago.  It initially made the pain worse which I was warned about but did ease within two weeks.  I took Naproxen as I can’t take Codeine.  I now take just paracetamol. 


  • Thanks for this. Glad you have had some success with radiotherapy. I was a bit concerned about going this route initially but feel it’s worth a try now as the pain has increased. I’ll push for a scan and see what this shows and take things from there.

    Best wishes 

  • Hi, I have secondary BC with mets in bones, lungs and liver. What took me off pain was morphine and Amitriptyline - the GP was really helpful with suggesting this combination as anything else didn't work. Good luck. 

  • Thanks Laura. Glad to hear you found a combo that worked for you. I’ll discuss with GP if I can manage to get her tomorrow 

    best wishes 

  • Hi, I found that Radiotherapy took a lot of the pain away, in the bottom of my spine.  I still have low level pain,  where my cancer has spread to so my Oncologist also recommended a low dose pain patch. It saves having to keep up to taking paracetamol etc. They are called Butec patches. Maybe worth trying. 

  • Thanks. This is really helpful. I’ll discuss with my oncologist. 

    very best wishes