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looks like I’m going to be moving onto this line of treatment soon I’ve recently been on Capecitabine but it stopped working. I would be very grateful if anybody could let me know their experience of this drug.  I know it sounds shallow, but I’m quite concerned about the hair loss bit too.

  • Hi Ali,

    My wife is on Alpelisib along with Fulvestrant and Denosumab injections. She had a skin reaction to the Alpelisib, so they had to stop for a while, then start again at a lower dose. She's tolerating it well now.

    It has a reputation for causing high blood sugar (basically diabetes) but my wife hasn't experienced this. If that happens, it can usually be treated with another tablet (Metformin).

    As for hair loss, she hasn't noticed any hair loss at all. I hope that gives you some comfort!



  • Hi Andy, thank you so much for your response. It’s very reassuring. I too have been lucky with my treatments with very little side-effects but starting something new does cause anxiety. Of course we all react differently but it’s nice to know that your wife has done well on this. I’m very happy for you both. Thank you A xx