Lobular breast cancer

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Hello everyone

How you all doing this morning ?

I wondered if any of you have lobular breast cancer ? I am reading about how it reacts and responds differently to ductal . I ve also been looking at the ROLO  trial which is specifically looking into the targetted treatment of lobular secondaries . Its all very encouraging rhat there are new research programmes happening all the time x

Are you ladies wirh lobular having anything different in terms of treatments ?

Gill xxx

Tomorrow is another day !!

  • Hi Myrasgirl welcome to the forum. I hope that you dont mind me commenting on your post, but do you or have you had breast cancer and want information re this or other trials? As I said I hope that you dont mind me asking but I am just unclear what your post is asking?


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  • Hey x 

    Yes I had my first diagnosis in 2015 x it is lobular and I ve just been diagnosed with a single metastasis in my liver x 

    I have read about the different behaviour of lobular and wondered if anyone has been receiving any different drugs because of this ? Also interested in any research  going on into lobullar secondaries  x 

    Sorry to confuse

    Gill xxx 

  • There is a Lobular website think it's American lots of info and research.

    Haven't been on the  site for a while..

    America seems more advanced about Lobular cancer .

    They believe Lobular cancer should be treated differently to Ductal cancer.

    Whereas here we are treated the same as Ductal.

    I developed  secondaries not long after I finished my treatment for breast cancer.

     Ask your Oncologist about any trials.

    I'm on Ribociclib  Letrozole  and IV Zometa.

    My last few 3 monthly scans have been stable.