Breast cancer in pelvis too

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer just before Christmas and just found out on Friday that the 'suspicious' areas seen on my pelvis on various scans are cancer too. Mastectomy is no longer on the cards and I'm due to see an oncologist on Friday. I'm scared but trying to stay positive. Would appreciate any positive stories from anyone in a similar situation! 

  • Hi Tandy6, i am sorry you find yourself on here. Although it is the best site to talk to others in same situation. As i say to many on here please do not use google as the info is outdated and scary. Feeling scared, crying, wanting to scream, is all perfectly normal i did a lot of it. You say you are seeing oncologist on Friday thats when everything will start to your treatment plan. Its the unknown that scares us, when a treatment plan is in place you will feel in a much better place. Staying posative is very important as i am a very posiive person and its worked for me. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with breast cancer and it was 4 years ago i was given the secondary diagnosis. There are lots of treatments out there and many new ones coming all the time. I am starting a new one in the next couple of weeks, and will carry on as long as i can so i think its a positive story. I wish you all the best in your future treatment Dawn xx

  • HI I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2019 and had a mastectomy, I was then put on Tamoxifen.  Problem was it wasn;t strong enough and I got a secondary diagnosis in March 23 In my sternum bone (small lesion).

    I was put on Letrazole and Ribociclib & Zoladex, I have- been on them for around 10 months, my initial tumor activity was at 40 and after the first two cycles it has regressed, they like it to be under 35 and I am now at 27 so as happy with the fact that it is going in the right direction

    I have my next Pet CT scan on the 13th May so will hopefully see more progress at that point.

    Stay positive there are lots of cancer meds out there now according to my oncologist and if your body is not happy with one they will try another

    Hope everything has gone well with you in the last 2 months since you posted.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm now into my 2nd cycle of ribociclib, which was delayed a week as my neutrophils were low, but I'm doing ok really. Also taking letrozole and having the monthly denosumab injection. Halfway through my first cycle my bloods showed my vitamin D levels were extremely low so I was put on a week's course of very high dose tablets and honestly, the difference in my energy levels has been amazing! Still struggling with fatigue and sleep, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. Sometimes I do get scared, thinking about what might happen, but I have some amazing friends who are helping me through this. I'm due to have more scans after my 3rd treatment cycle, so here's hoping it'll be good news.