Recent diagnosis of tnbc that has metasised to my lungs.

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Hi, I was recently diagnosed with tnbc and after my pet scan it was found in my lungs.

Im really struggling to understand what this mean& what sort of prognosis I have. Should I be planning for the worst or is this an over reaction? I understand that everyone is different & no 2 cases are the same, but my cancer appeared very quickly & I still haven't started treatment.

My oncologist is waiting for some results from a biopsy to see if I'm suitable for some sort of trial.

Am I going to be able to work? How sick is treatment going to make me feel & is it likely that my cancer will spread more?

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get all the answers to my question here, but if they're is anyone who has been in a similar situation as myself that can shine a little light on any of my questions I would be very appreciative Pray.

  • Hi BSnow

    I have secondary breast cancer in my lungs (stage 4). Before the testing and diagnosis stage, I had a million questions, a bit like yourself. I’m now taking immunotherapy and Letrozole, side effects are fatigue, dry eyes and dry skin.  I don’t have sickness but I do suffer breathlessness wheezing and as a result I need oxygen therapy. I don’t work anymore as my job was stressful, involved very long hours and also involved a lot of foreign travel which I am now unable to do.

    There are benefits available if you have to give up work but each person and indeed their job will dictate whether they can continue to work or not.

    In the past, chemo meant hospital visits, sickness, bed for days a week but some of the new drugs don’t give you these so don’t take it as gospel you will be really ill.

    My GP treated me as an asthma patient for 9 months before sending me for an xray so I have had quite a delay in starting treatment too but since starting, I am now stable so no big issue.

    Try to get an appointment with a breast care nurse, mine have been amazing and can really help to answer your questions. 

    In the meantime, take care of yourself and if I can help with anything let me know xx

  • Thank you so much for replying to my post. I'm desperate to get some sort of treatment started, but still awaiting one final test result. 

    I have an extremely painful and almost like engorged breast.(sorry to be so disruptive). Is this something that happened with your tnbc? I'm trying to find out if this is normal.

    3 consultants that I have seen over the last month have mentioned inflammatory breast cancer, but now I have been told my cancer has metesised they seem to think the rash and redness is part of the Praybc. Did you experience anything like this?  PrayHeartpulse