Treatment changed again feeling stressed and worried running out of options

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Its been 4 years since diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer with bone mets and liver mets been doing ok but just had to change my treatment again. Now getting to limited options of treatments left that can help me so feeling a bit overwhelmed and worried. I m currently on double hormone therapy of exemastine and everlimus with denomusab injections anyone else on this treatment? How are you coping? How long have you managed on it? Im just panicing my time is running out xxx 

  • Hi Sharon

    it is all so stressful.

    Have you been on any chemo meds yet?

    I am on Letrozole but also Palbociclib chemo tablets and Denusomab injection.  About to start my third cycle.


  • Hello. I’m in very similar situation and trying to adjust to the news! I wish I could tell you something positive and helpful but actually reading your experience has helped me - the shared experience thing! All I seem to have seen recently is positive stories of how treatments are working for people for longer than expected, which is brilliant but hard to hear when you’re in the opposite situation.

    I’ve had 2 years of various treatments and just heard the latest chemo has not worked, with no point continuing with any other chemo as there is very little chance they would work and are likely to cause more damage to the body than good. Having spent the last 6 months in and out of hospital with regular inflections caused by chemo, I completely get that. Unfortunately the 2 types of hormone therapy I’ve had (letrozole and Exemestane ) didn’t work either. I’ve now been put on Anastrozole as the final hormonal option although I am not holding out any hope as the previous ones didn’t work. So like you am facing the “run out of options” phase. It’s so hard, feels a bit surreal as I actually feel quite well. I’m just trying to tell myself that we knew it was coming, I’m grateful for 2 good years and focusing on any positives I can think of - my hair gets a chance to grow back, no more twice weekly hospital visits, so I’m hoping for improved quality of life even if it’s for a short time.  I was panicking, like you, for a while but now I’m at that stage, there actually is some element of relief there amongst many other emotions. 

    I hope that you find the hormone treatment manageable and that it is successful for you. 
    Best wishes. 

  • Hi, have either of you explored the chance of going on any clinical trials ?Fingers crossed