Biopsy results today- I'm so scared

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Lesions found in breast and spine last Tuesday.  Biopsy of breast last Thursday.  Results due today. I am so scared. Mind has been racing all week with possible scenarios. I am 57. Anyone had similar initial diagnosis and what were the reatment options, and outlook?

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    I'm not a member of this group but I didn't want to just pass by your post. How did results day go? I'm hoping that it was at least as good as you'd hoped.


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  • Hi Wave

    Results were as good (?) as we could have hoped for. Cancer is hormone receptive which I believe gives them another treatment option. Seeing oncologist in next week or 2 to get treatment plan in place. It should be a mix of radiotherapy,  hormone therapy, bone strengthening treatment and maybe chemo? No mastectomy. Only symptom I have that I am ill is sore ribs which should hopefully ease once treatment starts.  Very happy they were talking about "years" rather than months. X

  • Hello, so pleased you got good  results. I was on hormone treatment for 3 yrs with NO side effects which was amazing! Take care Karen x

  • Hi there

    sorry to hear the devastating news.. I’m a year on from you in that I was diagnosed with mets to bones mainly lower spine and also had a small lesions in right breast. I was started on letrozole and ribociclib as I have er+ cancer….the drugs have worked so far and I’m expecting to start bone strengthening early next year.

    Its a terrible shock so I have learnt to adjust and take it a day at a time as many others on here have said. I think I’m a bit more in control of the psychological and emotional side now, but take your time, hoping treatment plan goes well and take care of yourself 


  • Glad the treatment is working. Sorry   what's er+? I am new to this and don't know all the acronyms! 

  • It stands for eostrogen receptor positive and refers to type of breast cancer. I had breast cancer in 2017 - same type and it returned sadly a year ago.

    as k the team what type you have as this determines what type of treatment you’ll need xx 

  • Thanks. And sorry your cancer has returned. Did you have bone mets on 2017 or just last year?

  • Hi

    I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my spine recently.  It is ER+ ie oestrogen related which means it can be treated with a daily drug - Letrozole. I am also on a chemo tablet - Palbociclib and have a bone strengthening injection every 4 weeks.  This seems to be the usual treatment plan for cancer such as mine.  I also had one large blast of radiotherapy on the tumour in my spine.

    Hopefully that helps a little.


  • Can you tell me more about what they have told you about treatment. I have been told I have possible met to the spine. Right now it seems like one area. Had breast cancer in 2013. Very early stage. I am so worried. Any info is appreciated from anyone on here.