sisters treatment no longer working and refusing chemo

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My sister has had secondary breast cancer in her lung and bones. she has been on Palbociclib and letrozole for over 6 years which has stoped working, she is refusing to have chemotherapy which is very upsetting for the family. Would like some advice on how to deal with this news and if anyone else has been in the same situation.

  • Hello, I have secondary cancer in liver lungs and spine. I too was on palabiclib but with injections! Your sister has done well to be on it 6 yrs, unfortunately I only got 3 yrs and it stopped working! I’m due to start chemo tomorrow and it will be 4th time on chemo in just over 20 yrs! I was worried about doing it again but I desperately want to survive a few more years. Really hope your sister goes on ok whatever her choice is xx