Joint pain

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I am on my 4th chemo I’m on Docetaxel and phesgo.

I was wondering had anyone else experienced painful joint pain to the point where they can’t walk? 
I have warm baths and put heat pads on, but it’s the one thing that’s really getting me down now as it’s stopping me from going out. The fatigue I can handle but the pain ScreamScreamScreamTired faceTired faceTired face

thank you xx

  • Hi Beat this shit

    While I haven't experienced the pain you are in I noticed that you haven't had any answers yet.  This reply should move you to the top of the discussion and hopefully someone with the experience you are looking for will be along soon.

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you, I spoke to my specialist today and it’s attacking my bone marrow so that’s why I’m having the pain, 

    thank you though xxxHearts

  • Are you getting any stronger painkillers prescribed? Hope the pain subsides soon for you. I had 4 sessions of docetaxol and had a lot of pain from about day 3 to day 9 and then it would disappear, but came back at the same time each session. 

  • Hi CarolineD22, no they have just said take paracetamol and I also soak in the bath everyday with Epson salts which does help. My pain comes and goes and never at the same time. 2 more to go then hopefully they wil ease 

    thank you 

    hope you are keeping well Hearts

  • They have only suggested paracetamol and I also have an Epson soak everyday, they pain cokes in waves and never at the same time 

    2 more to go  

    tjank uou for your reply HeartsTwo hearts

  • Do you have the injections in your tummy? I did when I was having chemo and it was them causing the joint pain. It’s your bone marrow swelling due to the needles xxx