Feeling so down

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Feel like I can’t cope.. scared I won’t see my babies grow up can I please have some positive stories xx

  • Hi Lindz,

    Feeling the same, so not able to give a positive story.

    My little one is 5yrs old, told him about the cancer this week, but he is too young to understand. I think you mentioned that your youngest is 5yrs?

    It's really scary the not knowing Confused  and as you said worrying about not being there for the kids, or getting to see them grow up.

    I keep looking through the messages online for hope.

    I have spoken with a lady in the hospital who was 12yrs from diagnosis. So there are positive stories out there, just try not to Google or read through the Cancer stories in the media (that's been my trigger for bad days).

    Sending you hugs xxx

  • Yes my youngest is 5, how are you with your treatment? I have a targeted therapy called phesgo every 3 weeks xxx

  • I'm on my first cycle of Ribociclib, has not been too bad just a bit of nausea in the morning. Im to start Letrozole but have to wait 3 weeks as need to have Zoladex injections to block Estrogen. So hoping that the side effects are too bad on that one.

    I have such a range of emotions, go between everything is normal, to feeling like I am on a different plain wondering why me, to full on emotional breakdown.  And I switch between in a matter of seconds.

    How are you finding your treatment?


  • Okay I just get really itchy arms xxx