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I want to say I have always taken a very positive approach to my cancer even though I know it's incurable.

I have been on weekly Epirubicin for 5 weeks.

After the first 4 treatments I got home already feel tired but found it almost impossible to sleep. I then had a couple of sleepy days and only really felt normal the day before the next treatment. Also there is compulsory anti-sickness the evening of Chemo then an optional one 3 times a day for 3 days. Week 5. I got home eat a curry and stayed up till 11.00 then slept through only waking a few times. This morning I was up by 10.00 I'm still up just after midnight. I've had 3 meals and no anti-sickness only last nights compulsory one.

My question is why the difference?

Positive - my body is getting used to the drug lessening its affect on me.

Negative - the drug isn't working.

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