Anyone decided to have no treatment?

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I have been told I have mets from breast cancer 10 years ago in my bone marrow.  Not sure if anywhere else yet until CT on Tuesday.  It took a while to get to the answer as to start with it was thought to be a blood cancer.  But now I am more worried about the possible treatment than the cancer.  The MDT is on Tuesday and I know there will be a treatment plan but I react to everything, even a couple of aspirin.  Has anyone made the decision not to have treatment?  I feel at the moment that everyone goes down the path of treatment. Thanks for any replies.

  • Hi MaryQ welcome to the  forum. There seems to be a degree of uncertainty as yet as to what the treatment may be and maybe its worth just waiting until they tell you that to make the choice form there?

    I know that the Consultants here will be honest and tell you if they think the treatment will work and what the expected  outcome will be and maybe that's a question to ask if you haven't already..

    It is completely your choice whether to go ahead with treatment or not and nobody can make that choice for you unfortunately. Its not easy at all and I think you need to have an open  conversation with the Consultant re your thoughts and take things from there when you have all the facts and you can then make an informed choice/decision.

    Please do keep in touch and let us know how you get on and we will be thinking  of you.  xxx


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